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1.1 This policy was developed and adopted by EDUWEB College and is in line with applicable laws. The governing body of the College reserves its rights to amend this policy to the extent that it may at any stage conflict with applicable laws.
1.2 This policy shall at all times be interpreted and applied in a manner that protects and promotes the best interests of all learners concerned.
1.3 For the purposes of this policy, “parent” means the biological parent, legal guardian, adoptive parent and any other person who is responsible for the learner’s education and who has the authority to apply for admission to the College.
1.4 All admission applications and related queries should be directed to the Administrative division of the College or via the College’s contact us link

Commitment to Equal Opportunity & Fair Practices
1. The College aims to provide an environment where the race, language, culture, religion and socio-economic circumstances of each learner do not act as unreasonable barriers to him accessing or progressing in any aspect of school learning.
2. The College is committed to ensuring that no form of unfair discrimination against any applicant is practiced during the admission process.
3. Any learner admitted to the College will have access to all the College’s programmes, courses, resources and services and will not be:
• subjected to any form of abuse
• denied admission from any courses or programme for which he/she qualifies
• denied his/her assignment results, examination results, certificates document or any information that forms an integral part of the education of the learner once they meet the relevant requirements.

Criteria for Admissions
Admissions of Minors

Persons under the age of eighteen years who would like to become a student of EDUWEB College (review ‘Admission Policy General 1.3’) must be granted permission by their ‘parent’ who will then be directly responsible for the payment of any resulting fees. The student must still adhere to the college’s policies.

Admission of Adults
Persons over the age of eighteen desiring to become a student of EDUWEB College will be directly responsible for all resulting fees and any other transactions that may arise from their relationship with the College and must adhere to all of the college’s policies.

General Admission
All persons wishing to become a student of EDUWEB College must complete an online form. In order to access course materials, the learner must meet all the requirements for the course and or programme. Applicants will be selected on the basis of their existing knowledge and their ability to meet the specified minimum criteria for entry to programmes and courses of study, as stipulated by the accrediting body for the particular courses/ programme. Evidence on which decisions are made shall include qualifications, academic references and information required. All other irrelevant criteria will be discounted when making the final decision.

Fees & Tuition
Tuition Fees

The tuition fee for a course would take into consideration the quantity of material and resources employed as well as the formal contact hours required to achieve the learning outcomes for the course. The tuition fees set by the College must be reviewed and approved by the governing body before it is published.

Other Fees include (local or foreign fees)
Unanticipated student costs may arise from time to time. If the College cannot absorb the cost then the students would be responsible for part or full payment of the cost. These may be one-off fees required to provide some unforeseen support service such as the reissuing of a certificate or may include examination, assignment fees, exemption or another foreign fee. The college is able to provide assistance to the student if it is required.

Award of Qualifications
The College has developed some of its courses and awards certificates once the learner meets the eligibility requirements.
The College is also a provider of external courses and programmes. For those courses and programmes, qualifications are awarded by the external body. The processing and disbursing of transcripts is done by the external body. The College would provide assistance if it is required.

Approval and Revocation
Students are encouraged to apply for the courses that they wish to pursue. However, the final authority for approval lies within the domain of the Administrative division. Revocation of an application or removal from a course is also done by the Administrative division in accordance with the College’s Student Handbook.

Effective January 1st, 2019