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The Administrative division of the College holds the responsibility for establishing and maintaining a filing system for all school-related documents. The following filing policy is the systematic arrangement, guidance, and classification of how information would be stored and protected.

Types of Records/ Files to be stored at the College:
Administrative and Academic Divisions Records

This contains the records that are exclusively departmental:
1. Course and Curriculum Records (records pertaining to the planning, curriculum, teaching, and evaluation of courses and programmes
2. Committee Records (records, minutes, reports, and other materials pertaining to their work, by name of the committee)
3. Financial, HR and Budget Records (records pertaining to the formulation and disbursement of the office budget, including worksheets, printouts, account books, ledgers, computations, purchasing and supply agreements)

  • Purchases (purchase orders and expenditures for purchases)
  • Salaries
  • Expense Reports

4. Policy and Procedures, Forms (all office process and procedures guides, handbooks, human resources handbook, and forms).
5. Any other document and or form that relates to the Administrative/ Academic divisions records.

College Records
These records will relate only to the College academic records:
1. Policy and Procedures of the College
2. Projects, Programmes and Project Proposals

Student Records
These records contain information on all students past and present. Student information is filed and stored in the College’s online computer system.

Personnel Records
Personnel records would include resumes, employment records, performance records, attendance registers, and salary rates. Also included are:

  • Academic Staff records
  • Administrative staff records
  • Faculty staff records
  • Faculty staff contracts

Feedback Records
Records of stakeholder feedback in relation to the monitoring and evaluation of student learning outcomes and the stakeholder feedback reports would also be stored. In addition:

  • Lecturer evaluation forms documenting student’s evaluations of lecturers’ performances and assessment of the lecturer’s ability to effectively deliver programme content.
  • Performance Appraisal for all lecturers completed by Programme Managers for each course a lecturer teaches.

Administrative Division

Item to be stored Storage & Filing Order Responsibility
Student Records Date, course, programme, other Administrative Division
Financial, HR & Budget Records Name / contact info / Email contact / Financial Period
Staff Personnel Records Name/ HR info / Resume etc.
College Records By name
Suppliers & External Contractors By name/ contact info

Academic Division

Item to be stored Storage & Filing Order Responsibility
Lecturer Contracts By Programme / year Academic Division
ACTT Registration Chronological Order
Lecturer Evaluation & Feedback forms Chronological Order/ By Date Completed
Course /Programme Curriculum Chronological Order/ By Date Completed

Effective January 1st, 2019