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ICDL Profile

What is ICDL Profile?

Customisation and flexibility have become an essential element of today’s digital environment.  People use technology for different reasons, in different settings and at different levels, which is why we have developed ICDL Profile.

With ICDL Profile, you can become certified in the skills you require for your educational and professional needs. You choose the module combinations best suited to you which then represent your ICDL Profile.

Attaining an ICDL Profile is a continual process. You can build on it over time, as your needs change, or as technology evolves and more modules are developed. In this way, your ICDL Profile grows with you: it shows your commitment to lifelong learning and the continuous upgrading of your digital skill set.

While we recommend certain combinations of modules to create specific ICDL Profiles it is possible for candidates to chose the module combination which best suits their own individual educational and professional needs.

For more information on the modules available please click on:
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