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Information Literacy

The Information Literacy module sets out essential concepts and skills relating to identifying, searching, evaluating, organising and communicating online information.

The vast amount of information available online can be used to a key resource when carrying out research, but appropriate knowledge and skills must be applied to do this appropriately. Information needs to be found and evaluated correctly in order to create factually-sound, well-researched outputs. The Information Literacy module builds these knowledge and skills to help you in your research and report creation activities.

What are the benefits of this module?

  • Certifies best practice in information literacy.
  • Covers the key skills and knowledge needed when researching and evaluating topics on the web.
  • Can be applied to research and information search relating to any topic area.
  • Ensures that you can create factually sound, well-structured, well-researched, and appropriately expressed outputs.
  • Developed by ICDL Foundation, a global social enterprise with 20 years of experience in developing individuals’ digital competences.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this module the candidate will be able to:

  • Determine what online information is needed to meet a particular requirement.
  • Search securely for online information using search engines and social media applications.
  • Critically evaluate information using a range of criteria.
  • Manage and organise information using a range of tools..
  • Plan, draft, review and deliver online information. .

Module Overview:

Information concepts
  • Key concepts
  • Information sources
Searching for information
  • Defining the information need
  • Using a search engine
  • Using social media applications
Evaluating and organising information
  • Evaluating information
  • Organising information
Communicating information
  • Planning and drafting information
  • Reviewing and delivering information


Download the Information Literacy Syllabus [PDF]

Sample Test

Download the Information Literacy Sample Test [.zip]