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Support For ATCs

EDUWEB College manages the accreditation of our growing network of ICDL Accredited Test Centres (ATCs) in Trinidad and Tobago and supports them in many ways.

We are committed to building and strengthening strategic partnerships with our ATCs. By providing continual high-quality business and technical support, EDUWEB College supports its ATC network to successfully offer the ICDL programme.

Support available to all EDUWEB College ATCs includes:

  • Access to the section of our website containing courseware samples
  • Invitation to our annual knowledge sharing forum where ATCs from across Trinidad and Tobago come together to discuss best practice, possible partnerships and working together to promote digital literacy
  • Scheduling administrator training and providing technical support for our automated test system
  • Supply of brand guidelines and templates for marketing collateral
  • Access to a global network of NGO partnerships

The ICDL programmes are continually updated by subject matter experts. Certification of knowledege of these programmes can be carried out exclusively by ICDL ATCs.

We also form partnerships with organisations who share our national economic development and capacity building goals. Our regional development can supply a blueprint for working with NGOs and charities. There are many organisations willing to help bridge the digital divide.

We know from experience that the most successful test centres are those that work with each other and with EDUWEB College towards the common goal of empowering people through the use of ICT.