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Policy statement
EDUWEB College is committed to acquiring, developing and maintaining resources that create a comfortable working and learning environment for our staff and students. In order to maintain proper working assets, the College shall engage in the following maintenance measures:
Corrective Maintenance
Corrective maintenance shall be required when an item has failed or has broken down and it has been decided to repair the item. This type of maintenance is done when the cost of failure or wearing out are significant and it costs less to repair the item than it does to replace the item.

Preventative Maintenance
Preventive maintenance shall be carried out to prevent an item failing or wearing out in the first place. by providing and detection of incipient failure. Preventative maintenance is a cyclical, planned process that involves periodic inspection, cleaning, lubrication, parts replacement etc. and is in keeping with the college’s Health and Safety Policy.

Routine Maintenance
This is another cyclical, planned process that helps to keep its resources running. It includes the replacement of light bulbs, cleaning of drains, repairing leaks, data backups, and other related routine maintenance services.

Statutory maintenance
Statutory maintenance shall be carried out as specified by the statutory requirements applicable to providers of education services.

Maintenance Schedules
Inspection on the Plumbing, Air conditioning and Electricals is conducted once every six months. Corrective maintenance will be performed should any issues arise.

Effective January 1st, 2019