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Policy Statement
EDUWEB College shall commit to acquiring, developing and maintaining physical resources to improve academic opportunities for both employees and students. We shall to provide a comfortable and productive working and learning atmosphere for faculty, staff, and students. We shall also maintain and protect our physical assets.

Facilities, equipment and physical assets
The physical assets of the College shall include furniture an fittings, instructional equipment, office and computer equipment, software and air conditioners.

Property, equipment and other physical assets shall be acquired in accordance with the Procurement Policy of the college. All additions, deletions, and transfers of property and equipment are properly authorized.

Intended use and misuse
EDUWEB College shall ensure that its facilities, equipment and physical assets are utilized in the manner for which they are intended, with care and consideration and in keeping with the mission, operations and business of the College. The College’s assets shall not be used excessively for personal purposes and written authorization will be required whenever staff is allowed to take the college’s property to their home for job related reasons.

Inventory and asset audits
EDUWEB College shall develop a database of physical resources as a way of accounting for its assets. This database shall be kept up-to-date and be subject to audit testing to maintain the integrity of the information in the database. The audit procedure shall be congruent with the accounting policies of the college and shall involve conducting inventories and physical examination of the resources.

Physical renovation, alteration, repairs, replacement

The College shall ensure that all major maintenance, alterations and upgrades to its facilities meet building code requirements and industry standards outlined in Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) regulations.

Alcohol and tobacco
In keeping with the college’s Smoking policy, smoking is not allowed in or near our workspaces and classroom environments.

Safeguarding assets
EDUWEB College shall strive to protect its assets from misuse, misappropriation, destruction and damage. The College shall investigate and report incidents of suspected misappropriations, misuse, damage, destruction and similar irregularities. Surveillance cameras, security personnel and other security measures shall be adopted by the college to safeguard its assets. Legal action may be taken against persons guilty of misuse, misappropriation, destruction and damage to the assets of the college.

Provision of a functional, safe and aesthetic learning environment

EDUWEB College shall provide a comfortable working environment for employees and promote an ambient learning atmosphere for students.

Effective January 1st, 2019