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ICDL Comp & Online Essen (Bamboo Grove SEA 2024) (Fri 9-11am. Starts Fri 12th Apr 2024)

TTD $500.00

ICDL Foundation is the entity responsible for establishing and maintaining the standards of the ICDL Certification, overseeing the curriculum, assessment criteria, and global framework.

ICDL Foundation supports the initiatives of National Operators in Europe, Americas and the Middle East and North African (MENA) territories from our headquarters in Dublin, Ireland and our ICDL Europe office in Brussels, Belgium. We have also established two regional operations – ICDL Africa (based in Rwanda) and ICDL Asia (based in Singapore). All ICDL operations work closely with regional, national and local partners to develop the global network of ICDL Accredited Test Centres.

Eduweb College is the ICDL Supercentre for Trinidad & Tobago.
Eduweb College promotes ICDL courses, offers training and supports other Accredited Test Centres.
For the Computer and Online Essentials course, you get online classes with a live teacher as well as free access to all of the animated course videos and class recordings.

This course has been developed specifically for the:
SEA students of the Monte Video Primary School
You can download the course outline and syllabus using the links below.
Additionally, we have provided additional video learning materials as shown below:
Lesson 1: Introduction to Computers
Lesson 2: Getting Started
Lesson 3: Keyboard and Mouse
Lesson 4: Safety and Security
Lesson 5: Computer Maintenance
Lesson 6: Customize the Look and Feel of Windows 10
Lesson 7: Personalize your Windows Environment
Lesson 8: Folders and Files
Lesson 9: Creating and Managing Folders and Files

Start date for live online classes: Tuesday 16th April, 2024
Classes: Tuesdays
Time:    9:00am to 11:00am

Course Duration: 4 2-hour lessons with a live teacher (8 hours) + 4 hours (minimum) of animated course videos.
Live class sessions are recorded and available for students.


Useful downloads:

Course overview: Computer & Online Essentials course overview

Syllabus: Computer & Online Essentials Syllabus

Additional Learning Materials: Introduction to Computers Course Outline


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