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Policy Statement
EDUWEB College recognizes the need to embed quality assurance and continuous improvement mechanisms for our entire range of educational offerings. The College has committed to:
• consistently achieving a high standard of student learning outcomes for all of their courses
• ensuring quality and non-discriminatory learning
• promoting high academic standards and service delivery through a regular review and continuous improvement process
• offering customer-focused accessible, equitable and inclusive education
• meeting or exceeding relevant national and international standards in its activities, whilst identifying opportunities for improvement

The Quality Policy is intended to:
• provide the framework and principles for establishing and reviewing the quality of activities undertaken in pursuit of the College’s objectives
• enhance the effectiveness of its courses in a stimulating and dynamic learning environment.
It reflects our mission statement, is aligned with our business plan and policies.

Quality Objectives
The Quality objectives of EDUWEB College are the desired outcomes which have been identified as important to the College in the context of delivering a quality education experience. These objectives reflect our core values:
Integrity: We trust if we do the right things, we will get the right results
Innovation: Built upon entrepreneurial values, we believe everything can be innovated
Accountability and Transparency: We do what we say we will do
Partner Relationships: We foster long-lasting, win-win relationships with a focus on the future
Quality: We strive to do our best and aim to continuously improve.

EDUWEB College seeks to promote:
• Positive student experiences
• Continuous review and improvement of student outcomes based on feedback which will be analysed and used as the basis for planned improvements
• Equity and Fairness of educational opportunities for students and shall make decisions on evidence-based criteria
• A Quality Management System (QMS) which uses policies, standards and procedures to measure and improve the quality of services at the college
• Communication with stakeholders – including students, staff and employers.
• An affordable fee structure that is consistent and competitive
• Dedicated staff – Staff are highly motivated to provide quality services to stakeholders
• Students’ academic and career success through the provision of quality services. Students will be provided with quality lecturing services, academic support and administrative support

Quality Cycle - Continuous Improvement

The quality and continuous improvement process at EDUWEB College is a planned activity. It involves a continuous improvement cycle of plan, do, review and improve to drive the process for self-review, reflection, and improvement.

• Strategic and operational planning
• Develop learning and teaching plans
• Identification and planning to meet stakeholder needs.


• Program delivery
• Committee meetings
• Distribution of surveys and feedback materials
• Collection of data and / or information
• Develop stakeholder communication plan

• Periodic review of objectives
• Review of survey and feedback results
• Complaints and Appeals review
• Peer and programme review
• Support services and administrative process
• Quality audits
• Stakeholder engagement
• Policies and Procedures review

• Professional development training / staff training
• Programmes / Courses are changed based on review activities
• Implementation of audit review and / or recommendations
• Operational systems and services based on review mechanism

Implementation of Quality Policy

The College’s commitment to the delivery of this quality policy is demonstrated through the use of an organizational Quality Framework and the continuous improvement cycle. All staff members are responsible for the Quality Management System objectives being met. Performance will be monitored through continuous stakeholder feedback. The lead is the QMS Representative who is ultimately responsible for presenting his findings and reporting to the Governing board at least once per year to ensure the quality policy process is aligned to the College’s strategic objectives. The QMS Representative can solicit the services of any staff member in any division in order to achieve the quality objectives. The process involves, but is not limited to the following:
• Attaining feedback from stakeholders and developing reports based on the feedback
• Identifying and understanding the needs of stakeholders
• Communicating findings to all relevant stakeholders
• Sensitizing stakeholders to our mission and vision
• Ensuring the QMS is reviewed and improved over time through the use of quality tools such as control charts and check sheets
• Recommending action on individual courses and programmes based on feedback
• Monitoring student performance via student learning outcomes, assignment and examination results
• Recommending action for training and development programmes
• Co-ordinating training and development programmes and exercises that can improve the quality and delivery of our services.

Effective January 1st, 2019