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EDUWEB College is responsible for ensuring that appropriate student support services are provided to assist students in completing their studies and reaching their academic goals. To ensure that students are made aware of the support available, all staff at EDUWEB College are required to understand their responsibilities in providing students with support and, where necessary, referral to others for appropriate advice. This policy also covers differently-abled and international students.
This policy provides guidance to management, staff and students in relation to their responsibilities in ensuring adequate support is provided to enable students to meet their needs while studying at EDUWEB College. This Policy also assists staff in identifying students who may require additional support, either personal or academic and to ensure appropriate levels of intervention are implemented so students can maximize their academic achievements.

Student Support Policy Statement
EDUWEB College prides itself on being different. That difference includes the extent of academic and non-academic support services given to staff and students, especially those experiencing difficulties.There is a supportive culture and attitudes amongst all staff, both teaching and administrative. Qualities contributing to this culture are often intangible but include life experience, passion, and dedication for the work, personal value systems compatible with the College’s ethos, flexibility to adapt to varying circumstances.

Furthermore, the small size of the College means that all students are known and receive more personalized attention. EDUWEB College endeavors to provide its students with high quality, timely andequitable support, including information and referral on the following issues:

  • Career guidance
  • Learning support and administrative support
  • Referral Letters for student loans for students having difficulty paying their fees
  • Access to personal counseling
  • Clearly articulated policies and procedures on discrimination, data protection, online forum policy, assessment etc.
  • Flexible learning and assessment strategies to cater for individual strengths and / or weaknesses
  • Opportunity for student feedback on lecturer and staff performance •Option for both local and international students to request extra time and assistance from lecturers with assignments and coursework
  • Opportunity for students to request individual interviews with management representatives or other representatives of the College, to discuss any factors that may be adversely influencing their ability to conduct their studies. (These may include issues such as home-work life balance and or personal circumstances.)
  • Access to health service providers, housing services and financial service providers.

Students are encouraged to seek timely advice and clarification from relevant staff:

  • Academic staff should be consulted regarding educational matters including curriculum, assessment, and progression.
  • Administrative staff should be consulted regarding general inquiries including financial issues, online forms and or paperwork, non-academic support and College resources.
  • Management staff should be consulted where students are unsatisfied with the advice or support provided by other staff members in initially addressing their concern(s).
  • The Programme Manager is available for consultation about any issue impacting a student’s online experience and studies at the College.

Programme Manager
It is EDUWEB’s College policy to keep classes at a manageable size and to offer high contact hours, toallow students ample opportunity to communicate with academic and administrative staff during scheduled and unscheduled hours. Lecturers are expected to allocate a reasonable amount of class time for consultation with students as required.

If unable to resolve the student’s issue, the lecturer shall consult and seek assistance from the Programme Manager who is a member of the Academic Support team. They are required or expected to make themselves available to students within the scheduled class hours via the College’s online system. Students who wish to consult academic or administrative staff outside of scheduled class time should direct their inquiries to the Programme Manager – via the College’s online learning platform or communication system.

The Programme Manager shall endeavor to provide timely assistance, or shall determine other appropriate measures, which may include:

  • Contacting the student’s lecturer or the Head of the College
  • Arranging for the student to receive additional academic/ administrative support.

Whilst all staff employed by EDUWEB College has the responsibility to provide support to students, EDUWEB College shall nominate a Programme Manager who shall be available to all students, during the Administrative Division’s normal hours of business.

Students can access the Programme Manager directly or via the Administration Office. As part of their responsibilities, the Programme Manager is to ensure up-to-date information is available for student support services and that any contacts provided are current.

Learner Management
EDUWEB’s online Learner Management System monitors and manages student progress and academic performance. Students are able to gain advice and support in ensuring they maintain appropriate academic levels, attendance levels, and general support to ensure they achieve satisfactory results in their studies. A blended (online/ one on one) learning approach would also be facilitated with the lecturer should the need arise.

Learning Support and Resources
The College shall provide a blended style approach of learning that caters for the various types of learners. The blended approach involves a series of audiovisual tutorials, face to face workshops, project-based learning opportunities and extra help to students as needed. Online materials (library, case study materials, training videos, downloadable template documents etc.) shall also be made available for students who require this facility. Moreover, EDUWEB College also offers students a second term of free access to all online materials in the event the student fails any examination.

Sick Bay Services
The College shall provide a sick bay for staff, students and or visitors to temporarily recover from illness, stress, exhaustion, fatigue or any issue that they may have. The College has contracted a Health and Safety Co-ordinator which would assist with all sudden short-term problems. Any person/s with problemsthat may be deemed more serious shall be taken to the nearest hospital or medical center for assistance.

Administrative support
A range of administrative support services shall be offered to all students of the College including online registration, online assistance with enrolments, examination procedures and payments as well as the processing of fees and any transferable payments and /or discounts.

Social Issues
There are many issues that may affect a student’s social or personal life. Students have access to the Programme Manager during normal Institute hours to gain advice and guidance on personal (including impairment and health issues), accommodation, or family/friend issues. Where the Programme Manager feels further support may be required, a referral to an appropriate support service will be organized.

Counseling Services
The Guidance Officer is able to assist in times of stress or pressure during the course. Students may make an online appointment through EDUWEB College private chat portals / personal appointments at any time to see the Guidance Officer for free advice relating to study, such as:

  • Managing your time
  • Setting and achieving your goals
  • Motivation
  • Multiple ways of learning
  • Coping with assessments and deadlines
  • Taking care of yourself
  • Financial Aid

While EDUWEB College does not offer accommodation services or take any responsibility for accommodation arrangements, EDUWEB College is able to refer students to appropriate accommodation services, and staff is always available to discuss any issues or concerns a student may have with their accommodation arrangements. The Academic Support team can assist or refer students to appropriate accommodation services where necessary.

Special Needs Students
A student is required to advise his/ her lecturer and Programme Manager of any disabilities that may affect their learning (e.g. difficulty in hearing etc). The Programme Manager is available to provide advice and support to students and to consult with EDUWEB College’s Management Team, where and when necessary.

EDUWEB College supports differently-abled students through various online resources.

Visual/ Hearing Impaired-The course/ programme lectures are delivered via audio-video format. Visually and hearing-impaired students can access these and other resources online.

Dyslexia- Students who may be deemed as having dyslexia can access our 24/7 learning materials and study at a pace that is most suitable to them.

Wheelchair-bound- Students can complete their courses and / or programmes wherever they are located via internet access, and no physical access is required.

Further support via email and private portal chat is also available. Students and the Programme Manager can also meet at a mutually agreed physical location should the need arise.

Student Orientation
Orientation sessions are supported through appropriate resources posted on the website and EDUWEB College’s Learning Management System. All registered students are sent a welcome note and an orientation video link directly to their email addresses. This orientation video sensitizes students to the educational and career opportunities available to them, the College’s services, and an introduction to the College’s online portal, sites, courses, programmes, online library facilities, and additional supportinformation. A soft copy of the Student’s Handbook is also available on our website for student to access. It contains information about complaints and appeals procedures and how to access the services of the college.

Career Guidance
Students can contact the Programme Manager to receive guidance on jobs opportunities, feedback on employers’ expectations, prospects in different fields of study and overall support in the process of career choice and management.

Review and Improvement
In order to ensure that EDUWEB College has support services for students that are appropriate in scopeand quality, the Management Team implements a regimen of quarterly review and feedback from various stakeholders to monitor the efficacy of their available student support services.

Stakeholder feedback
Regular stakeholder feedback through the use of online survey instruments will inform EDUWEB College when reviewing the adequacy of its student support services through the following process:

  • An online survey of students is conducted for selected units of study during each semester that will include a section on the quality of EDUWEB College’s support services soliciting suggestions on any improvements which might be made to improve the overall student experience.
  • The Programme Manager will review the surveys, analyze the feedback and summarise any issues raised in regards to student support services.
  • The Programme Review Committee will meet to discuss any issues raised and to formulate possible strategies for improvement.
  • The Programme Review Committee presents its findings and recommendations to the Governing Body for them to action.

Continuous Review
The Governing Body will continuously review the efficacy of student support services in their areas ofresponsibility/ accountability through the following process:

  • Members of the Programme Review Committee will be required to report at each meeting on any issues related to student support services that have arisen since the previous meeting.
  • Where improvements to EDUWEB College’s support services need to be addressed, it will be decided upon by the Governing Body and will be allocated to the relevant person for completion within the agreed timeframe.
  • Outstanding actions will be monitored by the Governing Body until evidence of completion.

Effective January 1st, 2019