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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Contact information for EDUWEB College

1. Visit and Fill out the contact form and click “submit”
2. Email us at
3. Whatsapp us at 1-868-318-7679
4. Call us at 1-868-318-7679 or 1-868-354-5193
5. Send us a message on our Facebook page -
6. Chat with us using the chat app located on the lower right hand side of our website

Is this website secure? 

Our website uses SSL technology to ensure that the information you submit is encrypted and secure. Our servers are also protected using state-of-the-art firewalls and our Payment Acceptance integration is fully PCI Compliant.

Entry Requirements

Are there any requirements or pre-requisites for a course?

Some courses do have pre-requisites, but this may differ depending on the course.  When you click on a course, it opens a page that gives more information about the course. This page displays information, including a video, about the course, the requirements and pre-requisites.


Where do I go to register?

Individuals: Before an individual can take a course, they must first register on the website. To register on the website, click the ‘Sign up’ button which is located at the upper right-hand corner of the page. On the new page that appears, fill out the requested information under the “Register” column and click the red “register” button. Follow any instructions given.
Companies and Groups: Please send an email to and indicate your contact name and number. Our representatives will contact you shortly thereafter.

How many times am I required to register?

You are required to register only once on the website.  Each registered user is given unique login credentials.  Registration for a course is done automatically for you once you pay for that course.

Is there a deadline for registration?

There is no registration deadline for the website BUT some of our courses may have registration and examination fee deadlines.
These deadline dates would be set by the foreign examination bodies such as CXC or ABE. Kindly contact us at if you need additional information with regards to registration deadline dates. Click here to view our contact information.

Will there be someone to assist me if I am unable to register or login?

Yes, someone will be available to assist you if you are unable to register or login.
Click here to view our contact information.

Customer support is a priority at EDUWEB College.

What should I do if I registered but did not receive any login information?

When you register on the website, a verification link is emailed to the email address you used when you registered.  When you click on the link in that email your registration would be completed.  If you did not get the verification email in your inbox, please check your spam and junk folders for it.  If you did not receive any message then contact us directly.  Click here to view our contact information.

Courses and Programmes

How are the courses conducted?

Some courses are offered 100% online, where you can register and start at any time. The duration depends on how quickly you are able to understand and complete each lesson within the course. 

There are also blended courses; 80% online and 20% instructor-led where you can register and start at any time. The instructor-led segment of the course is scheduled and communicated to registered students by the online moderator.  Several technological platforms would be employed - social media, forums, live voice communications, etc.

Are these online courses credible?

EDUWEB College takes great care to ensure that our courses are up to international standards. We provide a continuous review policy that ensures our courses remain relevant and in line with industry standards. Some of our professional development courses have been endorsed by UNESCO and our tertiary programmes are internationally recognized and have been approved by ACTT. Also, EDUWEB College is currently pursuing ACTT recognition.

How do I know which course to take?

In an effort to provide continuous support to you, EDUWEB College would like you to contact us to discuss your career and training needs.  Click here to view our contact information.

Can I sign up for multiple courses at the same time?

Yes, students can register on the website, login and sign-up for multiple courses. However, it is recommended that students follow the stipulated study hours for each course.

Is there an order in which I need to take a course?

Some courses have pre-requisites, but this may differ depending on the course.  When you click on a course, it opens a page that gives more information about the course. This page displays information, including a video, about the course, the requirements and pre-requisites.

Is there a start and end date for each course?

EDUWEB College allows students the opportunity for flexibility. We understand the dynamics of life and, as such, students are given the option to complete their courses and programmes at their own pace. There are no specified start and end dates for most of our courses. However, some of the courses that we offer have fixed deadline dates for students to register and pay their examination fees.  These dates are specified by the foreign examination body. If you are unsure whether the course or programme that you are registered for has a stipulated start and end date, then kindly contact the Programme Manager for your course.  Click here to view our contact information.

Fees and Discounts

What type of coupons and discounts are available?

Coupons are periodically sent to our loyal registered learners as a reward. 
Courses may be offered from time to time at discounted prices to users of our website.
Groups of three or more persons can receive a special group discount.  A group representative should contact us directly for more information.  Click here to view our contact information.

What types of payment are available?

When a registered user adds a course to their cart and proceeds to checkout, they can choose their preferred payment method. EDUWEB College accepts credit and debit card payment in a secure online payment portal. We also accept direct bank transfers, direct deposits, wire transfers, cash and cheques paid directly into our bank account. Kindly note that we do not accept any payments at any of our physical locations.  All transactions are completed through the banking system for your safety as well as ours.

How much does it cost to complete a course?

Each course is uniquely priced. From time to time EDUWEB College offers discounts on selected courses and programmes. Learners can check our website to see our discounted course offerings.  

Can I make partial payments for a course?

To make courses more affordable we have broken some courses into sections.  A section represents a group of lessons.  Students can pay for a section at a time as the course progresses.  This allows the student to control their finances while still being able to pursue their courses.

Is there a deadline date for payment of a course?

There is no set deadline date for payment of a course.  However, courses and programmes are only made available when the full payment is received for the course.  See Can I make partial payments for a course?

How do I cancel a course?

Students who are registered for a course can cancel that course at any time before completion of the course.  If you wish to cancel a course or programme, contact the Programme Manager of that course for assistance.  Click here to view our contact information.
You should also review our refund policy page for more information.

If I cancelled or dropped a course will I receive a full refund?

Kindly review our refund policy page for details.

How do I receive my invoice and receipt?

When a registered student purchases a course or programme, an order notice is sent directly to their email address.  This can be used as an invoice.
When payment has been made for a course or programme, a notice is sent directly to their email address indicating that they have access to the course or programme.  This can be used as a receipt.

Assessments and Assignments

What is the purpose of the assignments and assessments?

Assignments and assessments are there to help assure that students have covered and understood a sufficient amount of the course or programme material and have acquired enough knowledge to improve their overall productivity.

How often would I receive feedback on assignments?

Feedback on assignments is dependent on the moderators’ workload and the nature of the questions. However, feedback is usually given the very next time that the moderator logs on to the EDUWEB College platform.

What is the pass mark on the assignments and assessments?

For the professional courses, a student must achieve and overall pass mark of 70% in order to receive their certificate. For tertiary courses and programmes, the foreign examining body sets the assessments and examinations.

Performance Evaluation

How is performance evaluated?

EDUWEB College faculty are experts in their fields with extensive academic and professional experience. Moderators evaluate submitted exercises and assessments against criteria in an assessment scoring guide and provide feedback about what learners have done well and where they can improve.  Also, external foreign bodies that are associated with EDUWEB College have set their own performance assessments.

Support and Services

Would I be offered the same support services as traditional schools? 

EDUWEB College offers online students, many of the same support services as campus-based students, though they may be administered differently. Some services such as parking, etc. may be irrelevant. 


Would I receive a certificate upon completion of a course?

Upon completion of a course offered from EDUWEB College, each learner will be sent their certificate via email.  Learners can request a hard copy version.  There is a charge to cover the printing and courier service.  The local estimated charge is approximately TT$250 or US$37.  For regional or international delivery, this charge is subject to change. 
For tertiary programmes and some professional development courses, the certificate would be awarded by the foreign examining bodies once the students have met and satisfied all of their requirements.

Would I be able to use my certificate abroad?

Yes, all of our tertiary level courses and some of our professional development course qualifications are internationally recognised and can be used abroad in several countries. However, different countries have different accreditation bodies and it is up to them to formally recognize your qualification. 

Corporate Training

Can I customise courses or programmes to my business needs?

Courses and programmes can be customised to suit your business needs. Please contact us here to set up a meeting.

What is the cost for each course or programme if I choose to customise a course?

The cost for a customised course or programme is based on several factors such as the duration of the course, the resources required, the location, the type of learning to be employed (100% online / 100% instructor led / a blend of online and instructor led) etc. 
Please contact us here to set up a meeting.

Are group packages and discounts available?

Group packages and discounts are available for corporate training and varies based on the amount of persons in the group. Please contact us here and we would be more than happy to assist you. 

How are the courses and programme offered?

EDUWEB College offers the best educational platform that supports work and home life balance. Learners can choose the most convenient and suitable course and programme delivery option. Depending on the course or program, classes may be  conducted online, blended or instructor-led. 

Regional and International Students

Are there any differences on how courses and programmes are offered to local, regional or international students?

There are no differences in our courses, programmes and how they are offered to our local, regional and international students. All students are treated equally and fairly regardless of their geographic location. Kindly note that all our courses and programmes are currently offered in English.  Translation options for learners who speak other languages will be made available soon.