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Let's Speak Spanish - Part 1 (Wed & Fri. Starts Wed 10th July 2024)

TTD $300.00

No matter if you are an adult or a child, "Let's Speak Spanish - Part 1" is the perfect way to start leaning and speaking Spanish.
This course emphasizes proper pronunciation of Spanish words. You will be placed into everyday situations and taught proper responses so you also build your vocabulary.

Our course gives the best value for your hard-earned money as it also covers a significant part of the Form 1 Spanish syllabus.  In addition to the online classes with a live teacher, you get free access to all of the animated course videos.
This course has been developed specifically for:
- Anyone who is excited to start speaking Spanish
- Working adults
- Students who just completed SEA exams
- Students who are going into Form 1, Form 2 or Form 3

The course outline is as follows:
Topic 1:
Welcome message
1.0 Influence of the Spanish in Trinidad and Tobago
1.1 Influence of the Spanish Culture in Trinidad and Tobago
1.2 Identify the Latin-American Spanish Speaking Countries
1.3 Identify other Spanish–speaking Countries of the World

Topic 2:
2.0 The Spanish sound system including the alphabet
2.1 Reproduce in speech, the authentic sounds of the Spanish vowel system in context
2.2 Reproduce in speech, the authentic sounds of the Spanish consonants system in context
2.3 Distinguish consonants sounds that are different from English
2.4 Spell some names using the Spanish alphabet

Topic 3:
3.0 Socializing
3.1 Greet Others
3.2 Address Persons
3.3 Introduce people
3.4 Apologize
3.5 Express Thanks
3.6 Ask to be Excused
3.7 Welcome People
3.8 Say Goodbye
3.9 Culture Frame- the kiss and the hug

Topic 4:
4.0 Personal Identification
4.1 Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers
4.2 Ask Someone his or her Name
4.3 State one’s Name
4.4 Ask Someone his or her age
4.5 State one’s Age
4.6 Ask someone for his or her Address
4.7 State one’s Address
4.8 Ask Someone for his or her Email Address
4.9 State one’s Email Address
4.10 Ask for Someone’s Cell Phone Number
4.11 Stating Telephone Numbers
4.12 Ask Someone his or her Nationality
4.13 State one’s Nationality
4.14 Identify Members of the Family
4.15 Ask About Someone’s Name
4.16 State Someone’s Name or Last Name
4.17 Ask About Someone’s Identity
4.18 Expressing Relationships
4.19 Ask About Someone’s Age
4.20 States Someone’s Age
4.21 Ask about Someone’s Address
4.22 State Someone’s Address
4.23 Enquire about Someone’s Nationality
4.24 State his or her Country of Origin

Start date for live online classes: Wednesday 10th July, 2024
Classes: Wednesdays and Friday
Time:    To be Announced

Course Duration: 8 2-hour lessons with a live teacher (16 hours) + 4 hours (minimum) of animated course videos.
Live class sessions are recorded and available for students.


To download the course outline, click on Course Outline - Lets Speak Spanish - Part 1


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